Make 4 EUR
per order
+ tips

We offer a guaranteed minimum wage. When we don't have enough orders for you, we ensure you always make 10,50 EUR per hour during your shift.

Use our
Rider app

Always have visibility on your daily earnings, tips and scheduled shifts. More working hours are just a click away.

your time

Full time, part-time or for an extra income - decide when to work and spend your time off doing what you love.
- Find the right contract type for a perfect work-life balance, with all the securities that you need.


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High quality equipment
Get our Rider kit with your personal equipment for free, including additional items per season

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Get rewarded for efforts
Receive an allowance for the use of your own bicycle & phone and earn more with our dynamic bonus system based on the number of deliveries and hours worked

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Employee benefits
We will constantly keep you updated on our latest deals and various employee discounts on the foodpanda platform and our partners - there's much more to come.

Some things
you'll need:


An iPhone 4s (or newer) or an Android Phone (4.2 or newer)


Your own bike

*You don’t have your own bike?
We offer discounts on Swapfiets rentals for our Riders. They make sure your bike always works.


To be 18 years old or over


A valid work permit for Germany

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